Linda Alborghetti
Marco Bellini

School academy
Iron horse, table board, extension cord, 2016.
Waiting in the wings, rearview mirror, rope, eggs, 2016.
1st prize, inkjet print on paper 21×29,7, various objects, 50x50cm box, 2016.
At the double, chairs and table legs, 2015.
Poetic meter, spirit level, 2015.
A di, stolen sculpture and pedestal, 2015.

Teorie sul mare, sheets, black balloon, 2015.
A Luca, printed metal plate, 15×20 cm, 2015.
Accident n.1, inkjet print on paper, table, mats, 2015.
Soft spot, mattresses and rope, inkjet print on paper 29,7x42cm, cart, fitness mat, 2014.
Non toccare, wet paint, 2014.